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Into The West (Wyoming): Day 4

11:50am: Monday, May 16
It felt like the entire group just collapsed last night. What was a quick nap turned into a snooze-fest until 1-2am. Cable TV is our friend right now, especially at this hour. hammercock and I still haven't gotten ready for the day. She is still in her Sorsha look. I still have vivid memories of yesterday's trip to the Tetons and their snow-capped glory.

Nothing like a walk to downtown Jackson. Took a scenic drive back with another lovely view of the Tetons. This time, the clouds were brushing against the summits with the sunlight trying to break through.
I saw new houses being built with wood. Somebody bought a few acres. An investment into the frontier.

NOTE: I traveled 2000+ miles to see "Kingdom of Heaven". Actually, factoring the height, that would be d = [(6,000)^2 + (2,000)^2]^0.5 = 40,000,000 ~ 6,300 ft.
Parallels to the pilgrimage to Jerselum come to mind. I just hope the money holds until the end of my trip. However, I wish to somehow get the following:
-A postage stamp
-A hat
-Elk steak
-Buffalo meat

Make that 6 states ;)
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