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Into The West (Wyoming): Day 3

Again, comments in real time are in bold italic

10:55am: Sunday, May 15
At 6,200 ft, the sun can get to you just as the lack of oxygen can get to hammercock. She's been lightheaded all morning.
As we park near the visitor center for the Grand Teton, I realize that I can't escape from Dairy Queen.
Laurie is reading a pamphlet on the effects of altitude on the body. Alcoholic consumption effects would be doubled. My night on Boston Beer Works would be nearly fatal. Apparently, there is a finite number of things I would do for a redhead.

~1pm: Hands can't write fast enough. Teton Glacier. Wood air traffic control tower. On a boat in Jenny Lake. Definitely a photo/video moment.
First day of boat operation

1:05pm: hammercock and I scouted ahead past Inspiration Point and ventured into a spot with an ideal view of Hidden Falls. At this point, I am out of battery power for my camcorder and running on 12 shots on my camera.
Still have to thank hammercock for convincing me to get these hiking boots. The last few hundred yards were covered with condensed snow. No elk sightings--just droppings.

1:37pm: I have sent a text message to my mother from Jenny Lake. I love Verizon.

2pm: Back on the road, heading towards Colter Bay with a brief stop at Cascade Canyon. Each stop presents a different view of the mountains. They seem fluid at this range. We happen to spot an artist painting. Can't blame him.

3pm: Making every stop. Valley View. Jackson Lake (what's left of it) The lake was dried up to half its original volume apparently
Running out of film fast. Mt. Moran. Bivouac Peak

3:30pm: At this height, I get great reception to talk to my mother. She knows that I've been hiking out in the woods out of town.
hammercock is trying to corrupt her folks with Da Vinci's Notebook on the road. It's actually snowing in the mountains. Film is a rare commodity right now.

4pm: Colter Bay. In competition with other monster SUVs for the road. Not really. It's the off-season. I take some satisfaction in seeing Christian Creek twisted and dwindling.

4:40pm: Yes, this is the home where the buffalo roam. And some elk. No beavers, but I saw their handiwork. Engineers of the world, unite!
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