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Into The West (Day 1)

It has been two day since I returned. Like the London trip, I sometimes wonder if this was a dream. I don't like to wake up to the 9-5 life. I needed to disappear. I took photos, videos, and a travel log. It's about time that I post what I wrote in my travels. The following will be exactly as I wrote it at the time. Like a certain fabulous redhead, I'll make a post for each day. Realtime comments are in italics. Names will be replaced by their LJ usernames whenever possible.
poor attempt at humor with "There And Back Again, A Hobbits Tale" and "The Lord of the Rings"</i>)

4:15pm: Friday, May 13
Getting ready to leave for Detroit. The places we connect to get to Salt Lake City these days. I'm on the plane.
A new day...
A new adventure with my sweetie...
The story with us never ends. It takes on a new chapter. It seems appropriate that I'm writing on the same "Lord of the Rings" travel journal that I used on my London trip. I'm ready to disappear now. I'm glad my boss gave me today off after a week of hell with a project and summit. Awake for 26 hours on Sunday/Monday. I was ready to leave.

The plane is starting to move. I hope that I recovered enought from last night. Had too much to drink at Boston Beer Works with neuroptik. Didn't realize that until I unloaded in the Davis Square trash bin. Unloaded three times this morning. Rehydrating myself only made it worse. Fortunately, I do not get motion sickness on a plane. I just don't like to fly. Next time, I'll go easy on the Blueberry Ale. Almost ready for liftoff. I'm seated next to a wing--close enough to view the rivets. As an engineer, I approve how the plane is put together.
Before I left for the airport, I received a letter from my father. He's pleased to hear from me and is glad that I'm at the same job. (He worked in a bank for over 20 years.) Funny enough, despite what has happened, I feel the most comfortable talking to him about hammercock. Long story. Ok, the plane can take off now! I don't want to be late at the stop-over in Detroit.
Random Thought of hte Day: I can see hammercock dressed as Zoe ("Firefly") for Halloween. She doesn't want me to bleach my hair to be Wash. Can't blame her. Just found out from kimberlogic who is going to be at the May 26th premiere of "Serenity". Lucky sods. There's.ds.gkfg
Note to self: Don't write during lift-off.

Welcome to Detroit
Population: Gloomy
Arrived in the middle of a thunderstorm. The lightning is preventing any boarding. My stomach improved enough for a cheeseburger, cheese curds, and a root beer float at an A&W booth.
I'm a sucker for airports with trams and moving walkways/sidewalks. Nothing like an Amelie moment to make the trip tolerable. The delay will probably mean that we won't arrive in SLC until well after 10pm. I heard stories about Salt Lake City on a Friday night. Dum dum dum dum dum. I'm curious if anything will be open by 10pm.

Still on the plane.

About bloody time.

One of the advantages of flying West is the opportunity to see a sunset for two hours


At a Day's Inn. Saw the folks. hammercock's father called me "Iago" for the first time. It felt weird.
I'm not used to professionals or parents calling me that

Nothing like sex in Utah to defy the atmosphere of Mormon life.
Total count of states I've had sex in: 5
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