Trowa Barton (trowa_barton) wrote,
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The past two and a half weeks could not be called a vacation, though that what it was originally planned to be. Terrible holiday travel, internal strife among family members and friends, and illness (flu AND strep throat) pretty much ruined that. I feel like I've seen the worst of humanity and it's draining me to a point when there is nothing left of my own humanity. It feels like I escaped from hell and trying to cope with being back on Earth.
I should have returned a week ago. I should have been there for auror. I missed her so much. I have to snap out of it for both our sakes. For that, I keep remembering a scene in Gundam Wing with Trowa Barton:

-"I've continually fought, and each time I've killed my heart. And my heart has been devoid of all feelings. Maybe my life has no value, but I have to keep on living."
-"I've got a home to go back to."
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