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Interviewed by lillibet

1. If someone gave you a parrot, what would you teach it to say?
Pretty girl.

2. What's one pattern that your parents taught you that you wish you could be rid of? Do you want to/think you can avoid passing it on to your children?
Never get married. It has been the greatest irony of my life that I was taught against marriage by two people who were together for 32 years. Now, with the separation, they are in the "I wasted my life, don't waste yours" mentality when it comes to being with someone. My mom actually suggested a pre-nup and vasectomy if I ever do tie the knot. They taught me survival, but they did not teach me love. I had to learn that on my own through excrutiating trial and error. I don't want to be that miserable when I get old.

3. When is the last time you did nothing but sit and think for an hour?
There was that time last week in which I tried to go back to sleep after getting up at 3am due to a change in the sleep schedule. It took an hour before I said "Fuck it". My mind was full at the time about my father. Haven't spoken with him since the separation. I heard his voice that night.

4. What's the most interesting thing you've learned in the past week?
I was contemplating going to my high school reunion. There's the nostalgia factor and the "Nyah Nyah" factor, but that's it. I learned that I was a shy, poly, sci-fi gamer geek back then, but didn't have a forum or a means to identify myself as that. No gamer groups in Miami. No poly groups in Miami. Just pretty, shallow synthetics.

5. What would you change about your college experience if you could look back and edit it however you like (i.e. you don't have to do it again, it just will have been different in whatever way you choose).
I would like to have had my GPA be better for grad school. I probably would have decided earlier (freshman year instead of late sophomore year) to be a mechanical engineer instead of riding the computer science wave of the late 90s. I probably would have talked to a lot of women and say to them "I like you. Let's go out" It wasn't until well after graduation that I did that. The rest was history.
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