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In this case, I am referring to my current age instead of the number of hours in my day. It seems appropriate to start off with Friday when a mob went to Pho Pasteur for a quiet, quick dinner. I invited a number of groups, including a couple of people I had crushes on (though they didn't attend). Prior to the mob, I decided to send half a dozen white roses to auror to show how much I cared and how much she still means to me. Should have gotten a full dozen. I'll have to make a note of that. In an attempt to continuously expand my B5 Wars collection, I purchased Variants 3 at the nearby Pandemonioum before exposing my entire mob to the wonderful world of Gundam Wing. It was about time that they understood the inspiration behind my game, so I showed them the Special Edition DVD version of Endless Waltz. Just the reaction shot of their faces was enough for me.
Unfortunately, the after-movie commentary was short-lived, as I decided to also attend the 5E party. Talk about a busy social schedule. I made a promise a while back not to drink, hence I couldn't sample any of the Florey punch this year. I had to rely on caffeine and sleep deprivation to loosen my inhibitions. My mental state was still intact to make me realize how my flirting mechanics have been archaic at best and slightly pathetic at worst when dealing with EC party goers in the 21st century. I was taught: (1) first small talk, (2) then date, (3) then (any form of) physical contact. Normally, this works for normals, but not for twinkies. Since I'm not good at small talk, steps 2 and 3 are far reached. It wasn't until I attended EC that I learned the casualness of a head scrinch, but that doesn't guarentee continual interest.
Thus, my dilemna at the party. My practices have been out of touch, and I'm going up against stiff competition in the polyamory dating game. Not to mention, I'm at many disadvantages by (1) not having a ponytail, (2) not drinking, (3) not having zebediah's silver tongue, and (4) having an attention span that lasts longer than a second. I'm exaggerating on #4, but you get the idea. I must learn the ways of the others if I am to successfully flirt.
Either way, I was observing the ways of others and realizing that I must wait. However, this made me sleep deprived for the Shadowdawn run the next day. I was slightly late only because I received a present from my folks back in Miami. In addition to a pitch black business shirt, I received a tie that actually plays music. I now have clothes that beep and make electonic sounds. So, yes, don't be surprised if you hear me beeping. bluedaisy was so kind to give me the birthday cake of my dreams: chocolate with strawberries on top and filled. The only drawback was that it took only three slices for me to be too full to attend the dinner mob afterwards. Instead, auror and I went to a fondue party hosted by bester. Ever since there have been a reported three copies if the Babylon 5 cookbook, it was only a matter of time before someone introduced bagna cauda, an Italian fondue, to us. A very excellent Earth cuisine. It gave me the opportunity to sing and dance and talk withrigel if only for a little while. She introduced me to the "Ah, My Goddess!" universe. I wanted to flirt with her, but it seemed at the time more appropriate to watch and enjoy the anime she showed. It makes me want to talk to her and show her Gundam tapes even more. To be continued on that note.
Yesterday, I had 10 hours of fever-induced sleep due to the cold. It felt great to be completely out for that long. The feeling was short lived since I promised to help thrawn move. I didn't have a vehicle, but I provided much needed manpower, especially when lifting hardwood furniture. I'm still aching from that ordeal. Afterwards, I played B5 wars with Thrawn and auror. And once again, I had my entire Dilgar fleet wiped out by a single Warlock.
Today so far has revolved around my first physical in six years. Blood tests are still inconclusive. I promised auror to see a doctor before I leave for Miami this Thursday. I'm in overall good health, despite my family history of diabetes and heart disease. It's good to know for the upcoming week.
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