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Failed Crushes

I decided to be social and went to laura47's birthday mob. Got carried away with the biscuits, party poppers, blue chips, sparkling cider, and black forest cake. It gave me some time to visit 3E and 5E residents before the big party tomorrow. It also was supposed to give me the opportunity to talk to a certain someone who I was interested in for a long time, possibly as a secondary. (Oh, the joys of polyamory.)
For some reason, I couldn't get past the small talk or head scrinching sessions. Maybe I was at a loss for words. It's a double edge swords. Be too forward, and she would freak out. Be too subtle, and the message is lost or not understood. And there were....distractions. It's the kind of feeling in which you think that she is interested in every man *except* you. Must be the long hair (or lack thereof in my case, since I had nearly the shortest among all who attended). I'm not frustrated, just disappointed in myself that things weren't reciprocated. I am tempted to give up.
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