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Random Thoughts of the Day

Random Thought #1: A conversation between hammercock and myself

H: I'm thinking about getting a living will such that none of this happens to us.
T: I promise I'll kill you if that happens.
H: That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me all day.

Random Thought #2: During a trip to Filene's, I had this thought

Imagine the Cookie Monster skit from "Sesame Street" in which he sings the "C is for Cookie" song. Now imagine replacing "cookie" with "coochie". Now imagine Cookie Monster eating pussy in the same manner as eating cookies.

Random Thought #3: Why it's hard to find hotel rooms in New York this week

T: Ummm.....Easter?!!
H: Oh yeah! Duh! I'm such a Jew.
T: No shit
H: I'm going to lick you

NOTE: All of this is while hammercock is talking to her mother.

This concludes our random thoughts of the day.
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