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Another meme I stole

list your top 6 "happy foods". the foods that when you eat them, make you want to do a little dance in your seat. can be restaurant, junk food, home-made, whatever.

here's my list:

(1) Either ika or salmon nigiri. Hard to choose since they both have unique tastes

(2) Peanut butter whoopie pie. I can only find them at LaVerdes in the MIT Student Center. They are so good, but so not good for you.

(3) Lasagna. Though I like the meat kind, my favorite so far is the veggie one I make at parties with hammercock

(4) Spicy brains. Why do you suppose I make it?

(5) Steak. Any cut medium well

(6) Wonton soup. Mary's so far makes the best kind

1999 Cabernet Savignon (who said it had to be solid)
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese (until Morgan Spurlock spewed it in that damn documentary)
A real Cuban sandwich (hard to find in Boston)
Red heads (they're quite tasty)

I'm glad I'm an omnivore.
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