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Sleep? What Sleep?

Ever had one of those dreams in which you are redesigning movies like "The Karate Kid" in your own image? Or rather taking the story from a different time and perspective? Maybe it's just me.
My sleep schedule is so fucked up right now. Plopped into bed right after work last night at 6:30pm. Wound up getting up at 1:30am and played "Front Mission 4" until around 10am. Had brunch with tiurin and Phillip at the Rosebud Cafe. Got some experimental fresh pasta at Dave's Fresh Pasta.
Felt wired
And I gave up coffee for Lent (along with another thing...long story)
Crashed again at 1:30pm
Jut got up half an hour ago.

I got two days to fix this before I go back to work on Tuesday.
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