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Multiple Dreams

I have never had more than two dreams (that I know of) in a single night. Last night, I had 5. It was hard to remember all but two of them. Both of them seem related in which they deal with space-time transcendence.

The first dream seems to feel the most real. I actually felt like I went to another dimension. The new world looked like Earth, but it was under attack by tapeworm-like creatures. I tried to warn the leaders of the invasion, but it was too late. One of the last survivors and I were locked in a bedroom where he gave me the coordinates to phase out. Just as the enemy was about to break through the door, I started to phase out of that world and back into consciousness. It felt like I was actually there. It didn't feel like a dream.

Another time-travel dream. This time around the time of 33 A.D. (Yeah, THAT moment in history). In addition to a bunch of Roman soldiers mistaking me for a general, I was there when they carried Him and his crucifix towards the burial ground. His face was messed up with cuts and scrapes from all the torture. This time, I had a fellow time-traveler whom I was discussing my experiences with. We were trekking across the desert until we decided to go our separate ways. I headed West to see the Hun invasion. He went East to see the development of the Chinese dynasty at the time.

It may have been that episode of 'The Twilight Zone" in which a man is given the opportunity to go back, reverse a decision, and have a second chance at life with a clean slate. Time travel is funny that way.
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