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I like being 27

This has been one of my best birthdays in a long time. I took a sick day from work to better prepare for the party at my place. There is always one more drink item, one more food item, or one more tool (like a cocktail shaker) that needs to be purchased to make a party better. My popcorn time from Popcorn Palace came through in time. They didn't have the tin that I wanted, but they compensated with free popcorn balls. Then the mad dash to shower and prep the cake occurred less than two hours before. My thanks to kimberlogic and hammercock for making the cubed cake. For a while, it resembled the Munchin Loaded Die before it collapsed in its own weight. Apparently, black forest cake with whip cream topping was too unstable to be three dimensional--but it was SOOOOOO delicious :) My sweetie and I took "Before" and "After" shots.
I had a wide range of guests. Only in my party would you see the top floor hang out with the bottom floor, two Amys chatting, and rigel chatting with cthulhia. Played Muchkin with Clerical Error with seborn, earthdragon, and truthspeaker which was fun. Even got a good bottle of Pinot from n0ire.
Slept late and hung out at Porter Square with my sweetie yesterday. As a birthday present, she took me to Ryles to see the Groovebarbers and What I Like About Jew. Sean Altman and Rob Tannenbaum are becoming among my favorite singers.
More to come.
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