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An Ode to the Hebrew Hammercock

My sweetie was lovely enough to post an entry singing praises about me. I should do the same since she more than deserves it. Not that I'm biased on anything.

If I were to say to myself as a MIT student that I would find happiness with an older, poly, divorced, Jewish redhead, I would have laughed. Now, I am grateful everyday that I met her on Livejournal and OPN.
First off, she is really the cute one of the two of us. She's the hottie. First off, it's the hair and its natural, fiery red glow. When let down, it has that Grecian goddess curl. When in a ponytail, it has that peppy look. Her body seems to be in transition post-surgery, but her curves are still there. I like her butt a lot. And then there's the warm face and those eyes. They can go from cute, to seductive, to evily manic in 2.4 seconds (especially when she gives you the Puss-In-Boots look). They are big and hypnotic. No man can resist them. I should know. I sometime joke about this, but she really is spicy and warm and soft. I feel at peace when
I'm snuggling her, which is rare for me in any other circumstance.
And she's just a wonderful person in heart and mind. I can be geeky with her. I can be silly with her. I can be confident with her. I can be vulnerable with her. I can be human with her. She can is free-spirited, never apologizing for what she believes in. She is very close to her family and friends. She doesn't make enemies (they just make themselves, which is sad). She loves her folks and brother. Given my situation with my family, I envy that closeness.
Hammercock has been good to me, too. She doesn't have any hidden agenda with me. No deception. No bullshit. No random bouts of manic-depression. No yelling. No hitting. And after nearly 2.5 years, only one major argument. I've been through bad relationships in my time, and this one is a refreshing change. I just do the same thing to her as she does to me.
She thinks I'm cute and sexy just as is. I didn't get that often. We've been through hell and heaven and back, and there was never any doubt about our feelings for each other. She gave me unconditional love. Men would die for it. Men would kill for it. And she gives it away out of the goodness of her heart. It is not to be taken lightly, and certainly not to be taken advantage of. It hurts me that people have done that with her. I hope I do justice to this rare and precious gift.

I love you hammercock, my Fabulous Redhead.
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