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Interview Aftermath

I finally had that interview on my day off from work. Hard to summarize four and a half hours of speaking and Perl tests into a few sentences. Needless to say that the company is almost a sharp contrast to the company I'm currently employed in. This company seems to be made of the engineers, by the engineers, and for the engineers. My company is management heavy. Flashbacks to my years in Lucent come to mind in which I did something similar to what they want. I felt like an engineer back then. Either way, since I was currently unemployed, I felt like I had nothing to lose with this interview. As a result, I had a new wave of confidence which is both refreshing and frightening.
I want to grow both personally and professionally. I can do better and work and with people.

Though, I have to admit, the next time I finally say to someone that she is cute, I should make sure the timing is right. Long story.
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