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Interview Meme

Interviewed by lillibet

1. Does your work ever make you happy?
There are moments of adrenaline rush when I get the satisfaction of finishing a tough project. The people are cool...for normals. I also like meetings where I have something to contribute. But one project blurs into another project. Also, after nearly 1.5 years, I'm not advancing. My talents as a tester feel exploited. They give me freedom but not extra responsibilities. It feels like the triumph of mediocrity.

2. Having finally made it out of the country for the first time, where do you hope to go next?
Actually, London wasn't the first time I left the country. I went to Montreal about 3.5 years ago. London was the first time that I needed a passport. If I had money, I want to trek across continental Europe. Just walk from Portugal to Prague or Moscow. For now, I'll settle for hoping to go to Vancouver.

3. What do you think people's biggest misconception about Miami is?
That it is all fun in the sun and that I enjoyed living there for 7 years. It's more tourism than technology. Also, I hated the heat and humidity.

4. What would you most like to change about your physical self?
Better skin and stronger arm muscles

5. What would you most like to change about your non-physical self?
I'm too &^#%^$ shy for my own good. I'm always afraid of saying the wrong things to people. This affects me socially and professionally.
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