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Party Time

Today is November 2.
Just took a long nap. I'm now focused. For now, my brains are no longer spacy. Don't know how long that will last, so I'll post as much as I can.

Every had those moments in which you wish to speak to someone online and they say that they are either too busy or sleeping soon or disconnect right away without much explanation? I've had plenty of those moments. Probably shouldn't take it personally. My hypocrisy only goes so far otherwise.

Like a certain fabulous redheaded sweetie, a good part of my day was spent with my brain capacity limited to counting the days (now 9) until our weekend getaway together in Northamptom.

I need to process a picture of hammercock and I at a Halloween party last Saturday. She was a 1930s debutante in white and gold. I was Neo. In the dictionary under "contrast", it says "See us" :)

Been having mental poly issues in a sense that being polyamorous just got more complicated than I thought. To think that only 3 years ago, I was an eager young man who was willing to try anything with no clue on how hard it was going to be.

I remember a comment I made to sunyata__'s entry about what would happen if Bush got re-elected. Here is a copy of what I wrote.

Honesty in a forum like this can be dangerous, especially when it comes out of my mouth.
I'm usually as apolitical as it goes, going by logic and the need for positive progression than anything else. In which case, I'm liberal by default despite my Cuban conservative background. That's another reason why Massachusetts was more appealing than Florida to live in the long term.
Side note: It was wonderful to be part of history outside the Cambridge City Hall as same-sex marriages were being made legal for the first time.
Unfortunately, in recent months, the importance of today's election, in addition to the fact that I am currently seeing a extremely (UUSC) liberal girlfriend has forced politics unto me. It is unavoidable. It is at times dreadful but necessary for we no longer have the luxury of ignorance when deciding on who gets to lead this country in the next four years. I've seen the events of the past four years with disgust to the point in which I question my own faith in humanity as a whole.
In this world, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
In this world, hard work does not guarantee success
In this world, the government is not of "the people" and "for the people".
In this world, people ignore that great power comes with great responsibility.
In this world, people are willing to sacrifice their personal freedoms out of fear of an unknown enemy.
In this world, we have the capacity to exterminate ourselves for the sake of blind religious faith--a practice I thought was out of style 500 years ago. (George W. Bush is no Joan of Arc. though he is probably dumb enough to think otherwise)
In this world, intelligence is no longer a valued feature in a person. Smart people are not elected.

If Bush gets re-elected, what little hope I have for the human race in general will dwindle. There are times when I think that humanity doesn't deserve survival for we are too cruel to each other. I'm speaking out of pain, anger, cynicism and experience.

Also, I'm a fighter. It's the Gundam philosophy. I may dance into politics if Bush gets re-elected only for the sake of having someone with no political ambition and personal lust for power take a chance in office. I just want to get the job done and help others. Maybe city council. Maybe state senator. Maybe I'll be ambitious and run for U.S. Representative. A new mission. A new battle. Only in this case, I know a good portion of the voters in the Cambridge and Somerville area. It would be easier to try to profit off the stupid, but my heart isn't that empty yet.

I'm not bitter. Really.
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