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So much to do....

It has finally dawned on me that December is near. This means I have another major deadline at work. There is also another deadline to try to reapply for MIT/Northeastern for a third consecutive time. It means I need to deal with holiday shopping and travel. It also means that I need to see a doctor for the first time in years due to a promise I made. I'm also approaching the big 2-4 and realizing that before long it's high school reunion time. I have to settle all of my affairs for the rest of the year before the 20th since that is when I will be leaving for Miami. I call it Miami instead of home because recent events have made me feel like Cambridge is my home now. Maybe I'm finally growing up. *sigh* It was inevitable.
So many things were left unresolved. Shadowdawn events (in game and out) need to be resolved. I've come to the realization that I'm in a long-term polyamorous relationship. It feels great; I need to find people to share our joy with. As for rigel, I need to sit down and talk to her.
And then there's Ween. I can probably count the number of times we have seen each other since May in the single digits. Even in those rare occasions, I can count the number of exchanged sentences also in the single digits. Over the course, we have both changed to a point beyond each other's recognition. I saw her again during a Guild meeting yesterday with her hair red and cropped up, resembling Akima. She was definitely not the woman I dated for 2.5 years. And I guess that was the general idea. People change. We can cling on to the past or adapt for the future and deal. Because of that, my anger with her died. A truce is needed.

P.S.: Because of the fun I had playing Cranium and Taboo last night, the current song seemed appropriate :)
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