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I did WHAT???!!!!

File this under the "I did, WHAT" category right next to running a 5k race for the first time.
Got back from Falcon Ridge last night with hammercock. Three days of folking, music, and food. Got burned (more sunlight than I'm used to). Got sore (been carrying heavy luggage up a hill). Got marked (Henna). Would I do it again? Hell yeah.
I can get used to "disappear fear".
At this time, I have two Henna markings which are underneath a dress shirt during work. I have one of a star wolf (after my Yahoo ID) on my right forearm. I have the Chinese symbol of "Madman" on my left forearm. It looks like I found my new fix. The next best thing to tattoos. Actually, if I ever get a tattoo, I would want one of the star wolf. Don't know where yet. In the meantime, there's henna.
Unfortunately, reality is sinking in with the DNC, people moving, and bills to take care of.
I also need to find access to a machine shop in the near future.
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