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I've been a bad boy :(

I scared a woman this weekend. You don't intimidate your own primary. At a party, I got so drunk, I went sick in front of auror. I bought every type of booze for a good party and had a couple of drinks to loosen up. It worked for a while. I flirted with three fine foxy ladies, and even bid on two of them at an auction. (Damn thrawn for outbidding). Unfortunately, the third drink was too much. I had to crash on a lounge couch after vomiting in the toilet until noon. Despite the fact that I've written a lengthy letter of apology to auror and she has forgiven me, I haven't forgiven myself. Especially since this wasn't the first time. I should have know better by now. What became a great party, flirting with rigel, questioner, and akron turned out to be a night of regret. I missed a spectacular meteor shower after I crashed. Trowa Barton almost self-detonated that night. Like the Gundam Wing series, it took a spirited redhead to give him a punch in the face and make him realize the error of his ways.
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