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Lost in New York

At lot has happened this past week. I should write this all down before it becomes a blur in my mind. When I'm happy, it's easier to keep it to myself than write about it. It's nice to know that "Accidentally in Love" by the Counting Crows helps with writer's block.

Anniversary with my sweetie. Two years since the best first date ever. It has been the best years of my life with hammercock. It has been the adventure of a lifetime. That night, we looked our best to go to a place called L'Espalier [sic]. It was restaurant of class and taste. It was fine dining at its finest. I never thought I would have a 8-10 course vegetarian dinner. Hard to describe it since I haven't heard of half of the dishes. Read hammercock's journal for a better description of the dishes we had. Note to self: make coctail champagne with raspberries on a routine basis. That was definitely devine. After 60 hours of work the previous week, I needed the royal treatment. Part of me was having a "We're not worthy" moment the minute I stepped inside, especially with the Grade A service, but that passed. We were so worthy.
I gave my sweetie a bouquet. She gave me a lovely album pictures of our best moments together (Arisia, London, New Year's, Spicy Brains, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.)

The anniversary celebrating didn't stop that night. Sunspiral and roozle threw a summer-starting pool party. My sweetie's band, Local Midnight, was playing there. I can get used to saying "My girlfriend's in the band!" It was a great performance. This is an unbiased critique...really it is ;) The band radiated goth folk, especially with hammercock and watercolorblue's gear. It was a while since I was social. I missed it. Playing catch-up with eating, dancing, swimming, and flirting. It was great. Had visions of my sweetie and I riding the sunset on an inflatable turtle (long story). It wasn't until 2ish that we left. Had to get ready for New York.

Did a rush job packing to make it to the bus for New York City. I was a little nervous since it was a semi-authorized vacation from my job. Short version: I was made QC lead of a project that was days late due to development and everything was due the day after I was supposed to come back. Had to bring her laptop to work during the trip. I hated that. She was very patient. Fortunately, the work was kept at a minimum. although we spent until 4am trying to go online with AOL and a phone jack. I have a $247 dial-up bill to prove it. Work owes me.
But enough of that....
We stayed at the Milford Plaza right near Times Square and on the same block as our objective: Avenue Q. I spent the first night in NY walking around Times Square and corrupting my sweetie with "Shrek 2". It was my second time, her first. These days, I equate the two of us to Shrek and Fiona. There is always something about vivacious, animated, Rubinesque redheads :)
There is a place on Eighth Avenue called Pigalle. It had a tasty Golden Chai and mousse. Then again, I find any place that is open at 1-2am divine. There are times when being lost in the middle of the night is fun.

A little work. A fun trip to Park Avenue where we went to Franchia's for vegetarian sushi. I finally found a mango nigiri dish I actually liked. It was definitely a zen palate that took us to a different plane of existence as we sampled the cuisine. Beware the Enya though. Very delicious, even though it was obviously not tuna or yellowtail. I recommend the Pomegranate tea. I also recommend strolling up Fifth Avenue for a peaceful rest at Rockafeller Center. And then came the show.

Avenue Q rocked [for porn]. I can't wait to show my middle brother, the theater buff, this wonderful piece of work [for porn]. I loved every scene [for porn]. Got the soundtrack [for porn]. For people who have tried to find their place in the world, and have a fetish for full frontal pupper nudity, this is your show. It deserved to be best musical of the year. Everyone should see it. Had a NY pizza and hot dog in between. Needed my quota of NY food while I was there.
After the show, there was a moment of magical romance as the two of us took a carriage ride at midnight across Midtown and into Times Square. Something out of an old film or a romance novel. Yep, I'm accidentally in love.

Everything was a rush job. We went to Chinatown to have lunch at another vegetarian Chinese restaurant called "Vegetarian Paradise 3". The food was yummy, but the service sucked. Took some take-out. Very addictive. I may be an omnivore, but I know good vegan food. Afterwards, we stopped "next door" to Tea & Tea for a Strawberry Black Tea that I savored. We went further "next door" to the Lower East Side for something called Bialys to give to jbsegal later on. Quickly visited one of hammercock's relatives who lived nearby, but it was a short visit since we were rushed to get to the bus before it was too late. However, before we left, we made a quick stop at White Castle. It has been a tradition every time I go to New York. Got carried away and bought 10 cheeseburgers and inhaled them all during the bus ride back.
Those few days were wonderful with my sweetie. I want more of them.

I return to Cambridge to play catch-up with my work and the realization that I'm financially strapped. Can't afford to travel for a long time. As a result, I am unable to go to a wedding in Philadelphia for one of hammercock's cousins. With Shadowdawn cancelled and most of my housemates gone for the weekend, I have no plans. Hopefully, it won't be bad, but I feel the isolation all ready. Need to spend as much time with her as possible before she goes to the wedding and to surgery on the 6th. These few days were also a last-meal for her before she goes on a liquid diet as a result of her operation.
I don't want to work on the 4th...again. In theory, I have the 5th off. Don't know what to do. At least I had these moments with a woman I love dearly.
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