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Not Dead Yet

Right now, I'm in between projects. This was a big relief after the work I pulled this past weekend.

On Friday, I pulled a 24+ hour shift. Didn't leave the office until shortly before hammercock's "Kerry is My Hamster" party. I was able to stay conscious until I got to her place. After about a couple of hours with partygoers (including an ex who was able to make it), I crashed in the bedroom for another couple of hours.
The party was a major success with people contributing time and money to a worthy cause. I'm gotten more political recently thanks to the persistence of my sweetie and a recording of a former marine-CIA operative (and Republican) who stressed Bush's impeachment. I actually wrote a letter trying to convince a single mother in Nevada to register to vote. This is something I never did. Then again, these are desperate times.
The spicy brains was a success, though for a different party shortly afterward. Throughout the weekend, I was interrupted by the chaos that was my job. I spent over 60 hours this week, including the full day. It is definitely paying for my 2nd anniversary with my sweetie. We still hope to leave for New York and Avenue Q after sunspiral's party this weekend.
I personally need the break. Due to the work schedule, I had to go on hiatus from Shadowdawn and my own B5 Wars campaign. Down to one gaming campaign left, and I haven't been able to put much time into it.

Right now, I'm just glad the major project is over.
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