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Anotherjen always seems to have the cool memes

Seven things that scare you
01 How easily humanity can destroy itself
02 Being in love
03 Being in a dense crowd
04 American Idol
05 Republicans
06 Dying alone
07 21st century American history

Seven things you love
01 Hammercock
02 Sex
03 Being at peace with that someone who enriches your life in all ways (child of #1)
04 Chocolate
05 Strawberries
06 Movies
07 My family

Seven things you severely dislike
01 Hypocrisy
02 Self-righteousness with a little religious fanaticism on the side
03 Republicans
04 B.S.
05 Bubbleheads
06 Unbearable heat and humidity
07 Florida and Texas

Seven things in your room (bedroom?)
01 Computer desk
02 Papers (lots of papers)
03 A photo of all three Rivas brothers together on top of my monitor
04 Videotapes (including *those* videos)
05 Small TV
06 Stuffed animals (including a Cthulhu and dragon puppet)
07 TMBG CD and DVD

Seven random facts about you
01 I never ran more than 1 mile before the 5k race last Wednesday
02 I have a weakness for Rubinesque redheads
03 I met Buzz Aldrin
04 I'm alergic to macademia nuts
05 I played ice hockey at MIT, even though I didn't know how to skate
06 I drove stick for the first time only 6 days ago. It was the first time I drove in 5 years
07 I only use a third of my own bed

Seven things you plan to do before you die
01 See continential Europe
02 Pay off my debts
03 Get a masters
04 Write a movie screenplay
05 See London again
06 Go to Sydney
07 Participate in the Olympics

Seven things you can do
01 Advanced math, including probability and calculus
02 Sex
03 Learn a new language
04 Code in Perl and Java/Javascript
05 Run a B5 Wars campaign
06 Play the keyboard
07 Hear several conversations at once

Seven things you can't do
01 Drive stick (apparently not very well)
02 Fly a plane
03 Play the guitar
04 Water ski
05 Run a marathon
06 Sing alto
07 Program in COBRA
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