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I'm not dead

Came back after a Memorial Day road trip to and from Maryland. Reality sets when I get back to work, but it's OK right now. In between projects, so I have some time. Hope it doesn't get too insane by the time I leave again on Tuesday for my brother's graduation in Miami.

Last night was...interesting. The combination of dehydration and intoxication that you can only get from running the 5k Corporate Challenge and having the post-run company pub run. Drink of choice: kimikazee. Definitely crashed at OPN. It was definitely a blur. I remember dumplings, TMBG, and $5 hickeys.

Currently at work with my lower back and legs completely sore. Ready to do less strenuous activities like partying and gaming.

Nonetheless, I needed the break last weekend with my sweetie. Those few days with her were the only thing keeping me sane after the weeks of hell I had. It's not over, but I'm not burned out.
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