Trowa Barton (trowa_barton) wrote,
Trowa Barton

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Fun time

There is something about cudding with your SO either to sleep or watch videos that make you all warm and fuzzy inside. to wake up together and have a sense of calm and serenity...and a sudden desire to get ice cream. It seems that the colder the weather becomes, the more I want to eat ice cream. Strange. And why do I have this sudden urge to go shopping with her?

I have noticed a growing desire from many to play in my game now. If only I can finish it quickly. The worst thing for a GM to have is writer's block. The game must be perfected. In the words of Trowa Barton: "And now for my self-detonation performance."

Saw Buffy. Like Buffy. Poor Tara. Poor Giles. Unfortunately, I will not be in town for the next episode. Should show Buffy to auror after showing Gundam Wing. Gundam Wing kicks ass. Dinner mob on Friday. Party on Saturday. Busy weekend.
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