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Planes, Trains, and Automation

With Paradise Cove over, I experienced a dinner mob of larger than normal proportions (with 20+ people of various ages and Guild experiences). I happened to sit with auror, bester, zebediah, and rigel and overhearing a conversation about travel. Seeing as how I was actually going to New York for Thanksgiving (despite the recent crash), I joined in. Only, after a few minutes, I realized that they were not talking about cities, especially when Miami entered the conversation.


If I got the code down right, I've made too many visits to Miami, but it doesn't affect my trips to Connecticut. I've grown very fond of New England, especially Connecticut. I was hoping to see Philadelphia but the airlines have made connecting flights to Glasgow and Rochester. Apparently, Philadelphia is also branching out into recently developed towns. Seems that Miami is too far South. Maybe I should just give up. I've been advised to make visits to Toronto and Minnesota, but I'm sometimes afraid of the cold weather, much like the time I explored the possibility of Akron, Ohio. Also, visits may be brief.
As for Miami, I feel like tourism there is on the decline. Despite the warm weather, Latin/Southern hospitality, salsa environment, and its lovely homegrown oranges, people seem not to venture that far South. I tend to drop there from time to time for nostalgic purposes and a sense of familiarity anyway.

On a random note, need to be better at mind games. Nearly broke my brain last time.
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