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Too &*%^& early

Got by on a couple hours of sleep. For some reason, I couldn't sleep until 5:30am. Another case of being busy all weekend professionally and socially such that I don't want Monday to start just yet. (Holiday my ass)
Once again, work prevented me from dealing with Shadowdawn. Did some work from home before heading out on Saturday to a surprisingly sunny afternoon.

Note to self: Get sunglasses

Went to a clothing swap where I obtained a couple of cool long coats among other things. Unfortunately, the sight of seeing hammercock's friends/cute people was slightly offset by my fear of crowds. Hands couldn't stop shaking for a while.

After a quick breather, hammercock and I went to rigel's birthday party. Hard to miss it considering that it was in my house. My complements to bester for the massive catering job (including the volcano cake). Intense Mario Cart followed by Chrononauts and intense Encore. Felt like a battle of the exes. Nice to know I can still go 1-on-1 with rigel in a music category. Going 1-on-1 with her exes is a different story. Long hair. Go figure. Poor tired sweetie. It was good seeing brynndragon for the first time in months. Still cute.

Between the clothing swap and the party, any angst, doubt, or trepidation about being poly again, or about the potentials of a secondary/teritary relationship, after the chaos that occurred in March finally dissipated to the point in which hammercock and I were comfortable.

Another semi-lazy Sunday. Due to back issues, hammercock and I were unable to help someone move. The days are getting warm. No more sleeping with three layers. Went to ZuZu for the first time. Got tipsy on one drink of something called Blue Monday. Apparently, the search for a decent Cuban sandwich continues. Due to the drink, I didn't think about the concept of going "THIS IS NOT THE SANDWICH OF MY PEOPLE" like Margaret Cho. Sunday evening was spent BSing. Didn't want to be responsible, especially since I have to work on Patriot's Day.
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