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Lust is in the Air

Normally, this occurs at springtime. But with the recent Livejournal entries I've been reading, the upcoming winter solstice will do for them, especially with the incoming frosh. I personally am not engaged in active pursuit of the frosh for a variety or reasons. I am 23 years old. I will be 24 in about a month. I am a crusty alum who doesn't know the incoming class of 2005 that well. I seek wisdom and maturity with a hint of carefree youth. Auror still has the same vivacity and love for life that she had when she was a frosh two years ago. That's how I fell for her. Don't need to seek that again.
Which bring me to a question: At what point is Hugh Hefner considered a dirty old man?
Hence, sophomores or above for me. It's funny. I am becoming girl-crazy over a couple of ladies just as they are starting to go boy-crazy over people younger. *sigh* Was never any good at timing.
Why do I have this sudden craving for sex all of a sudden? It's not natural. I need to be reprogrammed.

P.S.: The reason for the current music is because I just saw the movie, including the self-dismemberment scene. Can get it out of my head. I've seen a female cyborg rip herself apart 13 times already.
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