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I've been bored at work for a day or two. It's been a while since I had that. Felt good. Still working on releasing tension after spending over three weeks on a project that is now over.
Working on a new project.
I can finally get my campaign in order. Hell, I can get a few gaming campaigns in order. I now have time for going back to Shadowdawn, Babylon 5 Wars and SFB. I'm actually looking forward to Steer Roast which is in less than 4 weeks.

Looking at previous personal entries....
Damn, I was depressed.

Just wish my stomach was acting better. Tempted to go home and lie down for a quick nap. I'm ready to be social.

Drazi: "We're sorry. We thought you were dead."
Sheridan: "I was. I'm better now."
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