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Brain dead

Still haven't completely recovered from Sunday. Financial situation may improve with my paycheck tomorrow. Hate talking about money, so I'll stop.
Still feel numb, like I've been pulled or jerked around for too long. All Asia didn't help matters.
Didn't want to go this evening in the first place. I knew that All Asia was just a cheap bar with a corner for amateur singers to screech and drink bad but overpriced liquor. Hearing a dozen punks yelling at once failed to help (even with earplugs on). Didn't even like the Adam Brodsky act. It was suggested by fangirl715 and hammercock. It would have been rude otherwise. Looking back, I should have went to Diesel anyway. Used up my act of compassion for the day.
I'm becoming more numb and bitter. Trying to block Intercon from my head. I'm due for another convention once April 15 is over.
Hope my brother got my birthday present. He's turning 18 on Thursday. Still haven't heard from my folks.
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