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Spike in my head

I can't seem to get James Marsters' (Spike) song "Rest in Peace" out of my head. Not willing to bleach my hair blond for it, though I may have his coat. Went to handout. Lots of fine ladies there. It's not everyday you say that your primary is a GM.
It's funny that, with my primary's permission, I am actively pursuing a secondary. However, this is becoming more difficult as I rationalize my options. I have this rule about dating frosh (not a slimer). So, can't date frosh. Can't date co-workers, mostly because they are much older than I am. When they converse about mortgages, family, and spouses/ex-spouses, I can't seem to relate. They draw a blank stare when I talk about Gundam, B5 or Guild. And as for the few MIT friends that do work with me (sort of), one is now an ex and the other two made it clear against dating co-workers. So, can't date co-workers. A large portion of my friends are monogamous, so that is out of the question. So, can't date those friends. As for the outside world, it's like the co-workers. Can't relate to them. They probably just want casual sex. Can't date "normals".
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