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Nostalgic Meme?

I keep seeing people post memes about entries made one or two years ago. For March 2, 2002, I had no entry. Had a good reason. It was the day after I ran my first (and only) LARP: "Endless Waltz".
I remember not sleeping for three days prior trying to get everything ready. Crashed like mad, but managed to make it to Shadowdawn somehow. Felt dazed. Felt good overcoming my shyness to organize 40+ players. I remember dating auror while being interested in rigel. That was the case when I casted her as Relena in my LARP with auror as Catherine Bloom. That was how I flirted back then. Seemed like ages ago. No longer with auror. Still feels weird with rigel.

As for one year ago today:

March 2, 2003

My second intercon experience. Been dating hammercock for several months at that point. I think I was also unemployed but happy. We were a cute couple back then. Still a cute couple after nearly two years. Felt free.

Now I'm tempted to re-register for Intercon D. Can't imagine myself missing it. Need to recheck my schedule and finances.
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