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What a week

I know. It's only Monday. Got the rejection letter from the admissions office. So no classes this fall term as a special student. I may have to resort to *gulp* Harvard. I need to catch up on my work since I left last Thursday for New York. So far, Harvard Square is nice with a trip to Fire and Ice and the Brattle Theater. I missed a party, but I got to see "Buckaroo Bonsai" on the silver screen. With the New York trip and last night, I realized that I really haven't been out very often. Hope to change that, preferably with people.
Which brings me to the current entries of auror complete with mood swings and that "Guilty" feeling. It has become so predictable, it's scary. Part of me wants to comfort her regardless of how much she pushes away. It's what's left of the human in me. Unfortunately, part of me wants to just say "Deal'. I've done this too many times to know and prepare. It's the futility of knowing that nothing I do will make her feel any better. Unfortunately, this applies to all the SO's in her life (which is probably 4 by now including me). So I leave her alone. I remember a quote: "History is like an Endless Waltz with the three steps of peace, war, and revolution." In this case, it's euphoria, depression, and argument. It's like reading a book when you know the ending already. I miss her.
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