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Owner of a Lonely Heart

In the words of the immortal Rembrants, my job's a joke, I'm broke, and my love life's DOA. I've done enough ranting about my job to last a few entries, so I will not continue this time. I'm still waiting for my roommates to pay for the month's rent and utilities. I'm tired of handling the bills for the entire living group. My paycheck from work is 5 days late. I need to deal with this first thing in the morning since it comes once a month.
I should not say that my love life is DOA, but things have become complicated. It involves my family and my primary...together for the holidays. My family is not ready, especially since it is probably disintegrating due to internal stife as I speak. I can't go into details. They are private. It seems that no one appears to understand this. Now my relationship with my family and SO are both turning to shit with myself in the middle feeling miserable. My life's not complicated, really it isn't :(
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