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I will disappear for Arisia for the weekend in just a few hours. So much I want to do. I have a huge duffel bag just for my costumes (Nazghul wear is kind of bulky). My kingdom for Narsil. It looks like bester, rigel, tikva, and I will be arriving there way before hammercock. Need to find a place to stash stuff until then. Once I get into the Park Plaza Hotel, I feel like I will be on full alert. Nothing like realizing you have had more cups of coffee than hours of sleep last night.

Survived a company dinner at the North End last night. Poor sweetie. She not only had to endure my normal co-workers, but eggplant parmesean. I owe her big time. For now, I just hope the stuff we got from Mike's Pastries afterwards will do for now.

Tis the season. We are done with Christmas and New Years. Now stores are lined with Valentine's Day stuff. Lot of pink. Don't like pink. Need to figure out what to do this year for Valentine's Day in London. I must not go to a Godiva shop on the 14th. Come to think of it, I should not go to any chocolate shop on the 14th. It's bad enough that my weakness for redheads and Rubinesque women is public. Don't want to add chocolate to that. Still need to get better luggage. The bags I had when I first moved to Cambridge are starting to fall apart.
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