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Got up early for a change. Poor kimberlogic. Nothing like having second degree burns from molten nylon to start the morning. Hope she's all right.

Last night, I saw ratatosk, laura47, and truthspeaker at OPN for the first time ever. Figured that's what the conversations in Diesel the previous night were about. Felt weird, mostly because the social circles of hammercock and myself are starting to overlap more. Speaking of social circles, I went to Asgard for a huge Aloha dinner mob for Dawn. I wish her well in her final terms at Hawaii. Lucky, considering that she will be leaving 12-19 degree weather right now.

Punting FFF in favor of Sean Altman. Probably not likely to app for Sandman. I just can't guarentee the time commitment for a 10-day like last time, especially since I wish to attend Arisia full time. Arisia full time will be interesting since the person who I thought would not be there decided to show up anyway.

Nothing worse than the awkwardness of seeing your ex for the first time since the break-up many months later. I still have that memory etched in my head. I don't wish it upon anyone, especially not to hammercock.

Arisia seems to be more like a family reunion than a sci-fi con. Questioner will be attending. Gives me a chance to see her for the first time in months. Now, I'm wondering what to costume. I have the following:

Jedi (and Sith)

Any suggestions?
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