Trowa Barton (trowa_barton) wrote,
Trowa Barton

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The New Year

The year ended as the year began: with champagne, my sweetie, and me being pissed off about the cleaners (long story involving a tux). Unfortunately, sleep deprivation, intoxication, and a lukewarm hot tub resulted in a scare that I might have had bronchitis. I stopped wheezing and breathing heavily, so it wasn't that. Bester thought I had a chill. Could have been also a cold or the flu. Either way, it was only temporary. Good thing too. Being a contractor, and from my family lifestyle, I'm used to waiting until I'm damn sure about my illness before spending a few hundred for a doctor's visit.

Still had to work on Friday despite what I had. I miss being nocturnal. At least I'm getting paid.

Arisia is coming up. This will be the first time I will go the entire weekend. I admit I feel more relieved since I just found out that someone was not attending. Just have to refrain from purchasing $200 Jedi robes this time.
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