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All I Want for Christmas

Supervisors are gone. Head brass are on vacation. Oh wait....there's the president...never mind. Even the main admin is not here. If enough people are gone, does this mean I run the company?

A voice lingers in my head: "I want you for Christmas". As a result, I have this sudden urge to get a giant bow and stick it on to hammercock. It has been a childhood memory to just be under the tree with my family. Wasn't about wrapping or unwrapping presents. Just the warmth and love of being together. I had that one year ago tomorrow with a different kind of family. The people were different, but the warmth and love was still there.

Nothing like being side-by-side with my sweetie in robes (and not much else) being together and cheerful. Hell, I may even watch "The Hebrew Hammer" while eating Chinese food and ham. That's all I want for Christmas.

Happy holidays, everyone.
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