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Once again, I stray from my terminal for the weekend (sort of). I should probably begin with the events of early Friday afternoon when I went for lunch.....then I went to Gloucester. I met auror's core family in its entirety (with both sisters present). Of course there would be awkwardness. This cannot be avoided when you take your SO to meet your family. I had fun. This made me tell my folks about my auror for the first time. I regret not doing this sooner, but my parents were always cautious about me meeting people, especially, women in the "big city". After dinner, we both had front row seats to "Anything Goes" at the MIT campus. Our seats were so good, that I was afraid of tripping over bluedaisy during her dance numbers. I didn't know lemur could sing. Wow! Worthy of Ethel Merman and Judy Garland. I needed a good laugh after that. Now I have visions of auditioning again. Unfortunately, MTG has changed since I last set foot on a stage in "Fiddler on the Roof". Have to learn to sing first.
Saturday was....interesting. Infinite buffet was well organized. To see auror breathtaking on windling wings. It put my Babylon 5 Earthforce uniform to shame. Captain Sheridan and alternate Delenn walking the lines to get free food at the infinite corridor before Shadowdawn. That run...was....long....and....interesting. I cannot do justice to the events of my character with words in this journal. All I can say is that I will probably have a headache from falling 300 ft. The run lasted 10 hours, which made auror and I late for a Halloween party. Note to self, learn about the Oona universe to fully appreciate rigel's costume. I thought she was a lovely sailor scout to my embarassment. A moment of amusement ensured when I as Captain Sheridan talked with bester dressed as (what else) Alfred Bester. I think he hit me with an Assimov :)
Yesterday, I enjoyed for the first time the time-honored tradition of carving up a pumpkin. ("Oh, you didn't tell me you were going to kill it!") Wish I did that more often. Alas, the weekend was winding down, especially with auror and her busted thumb. Hope the X-rays report nothing serious. This week: U2 and more Halloween. Also, with my latest CyberWhore results, I debate over whether to find means of erasing my reputation as an "online nun."
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