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Birthday postponed due to rain. So far, when midnight hit, things sort of went weird.

My sweetie is so good to me. She gave me sheets and blankets such that I can stay warm when I sleep alone at my place (the few times that I do). Will soon take full advantage of them as everything from the knees down was soaked at 1am.

Being the tester that I am, while submitting turn orders for SFB, I exposed a bug in the parsing system. Wished it wasn't the case since a few players were pissed off.

Was acting as support for rigel playing Knights of the Old Republic. Things were well until she got somewhat pissy near the end of the game. *sigh* Like to think I'm not as bad when I play.

Had a midnight snack with cshiley. In the process, both our coats were soaked, my feet were drenched, and her car is now running with a donut attached. The Chinese was good though.

I just hope these first few hours are not an indication of the day (or year) to come. Have to get ready for work to prepare for Tuesday. Now I'm starting to warm up. Not good. Must adapt.
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