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Left work yesterday at 6:15 with the sudden eagerness to start my weekend. No way I was going to work Friday. Went home to have dinner with rigel and inari0? at Mr. Crepe. Having dinner with rigel is cool. Should do it more often. Damn, she's still cute. Briefly went to OPN before doing some last minute shopping for ingredients. Spent until 4:30am making key lime and sweet potato pie.
Was lucky to get up before noon to call home. My mother always had Thanksgiving dinner before noon to serve. She was kind to give me a turkey dinner through the mail. Was so surprised that she pulled it off. Very yummy. I love her and I miss her. Gave my brother a call. Turns out that he has a new kitty. I'm very thankful to have two families these days. One at Miami that I grew up with. The other with hammercock and both our friends. I am very lucky to be in such great company.
Just got back from a dinner and seeing "Love Actually". Very funny. I want to go to London now. I want to have a British accent now.
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