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More unknown

When reading laura47's recent entries, I became curious with the tests of So I took the emotional IQ. According to the results, I'm a very old 23 year-old. I sometimes feel more like Sinclair than Sheridan (B5 fans would understand).

Out of curiosity, I took several different IQ tests, including the one from My scores ranged from 130 to 155. For the sake of simplicity, I averaged them to the early 140s. I didn't find it impressive because of recent events. These tests deal with logic, cognitive thinking, and mathematics--topics that I have excelled for years now. Well if I'm so smart, how come I am in a job that is devoid of creativity and stuck in the 3.5 walls of a cubicle? How come I have problems talking to people/interacting with the outside world? How come my relationships tend to turn to shit? I can build robots, solve thermodynamic equations and write code, but I can't solve my girlfriend's problems. I have yet to understand people after years of being among them. Wish I did. They never integrated the human factor in these tests. It's one thing to excel in problems that involve rational thinking. But people are quite the opposite. I have to remember that.
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