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Catch Up

The worst is over...for now. When I think about how much I had to give up to finish this project, I cringe. It wasn't worth the loss of clarity, sanity, and social life. Still feels like a blur. Played catch-up with my social life with dinner at Asgaard on Thursday evening. Friday evening was spent at Magianno's with a huge dinner mob in which I saw old friends that I haven't seen in months (sometimes years). Needed that.

Same went for a chocolate party at my place. Unfortunately, I was so pumped up with sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. I was wild. I didn't have a care. It felt great. Definitely needed the physical therapy. The more, the merrier.

Still haven't gotten a full night's sleep in at least a week. Had to get up early on a Sunday to play in Mary Celeste. Had a bit of fun. Can't say much. Let's just say:
(1) Playing a LARP with laura47 is always a challenge
(2) There is something about the triumph of mediocrity.
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