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It's been a while. Try condensing two weeks into a few pargraphs.

Work sucks. Working weekend. Again.
Grew my beard out to be Aragorn for Halloween. Went to a party at laura47's on Friday. Went to cthulhia's party on Saturday. Don't know which was better: seeing cthulhia as Frida or seeing klingonlandlady as something out of Cave Bear. Both were hot. Hammercock looked real good in her Halloween wear.

Was debating over whether to go to the Matrix Revolutions mob. In the end, it was a matter of whether I would leave work early at work to see it. I couldn't. Went to OPN at GLSE instead beause I was late. Laughed my ass off thanks to some mp3s. Heard something that sort of got to me. Someone told me that I was monogamous.

It got to me because with all of the time I spent with work and hammercock, people are getting the wrong assumptions. I'm not monogamous. It would be great if I ....
To be continued...
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