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After a conversation with anotherjen, I began to realize how much I missed the things I did when I was bored in high school and college. Before it was "Got bored, learned a language" or "Got bored, memorized some trivia". Nowadays, it's "Got bored, looked at LJ" or "Got bored, dozed off". Probably a case of having my skills get atrophy while working on a job that has nothing to do with what I was programmed for 25 years (going on 26).

Still no word yet on the status of my costume orders. I hope they arrive on time. Don't want to have a problem with Halloween deliveries for the second year in a row.

Still don't know what to do or where to go for (1) Halloween, (2) Thanksgiving, (3) my birthday, and (4) Christmas. Used to be 10 steps ahead.

Went to Diesel in my work clothes again if only for a brief time (< 1 hr). Was worth it to talk to watercolorblue, anotherjen, and bikergeek (not to mention seeing klingonlandlady in Goth Fall wear). Now, I've gotten too used to going there in a tie and leather trenchcoat. It feels good.

Apparently, I lost weight these past few days which is strange considering I got back from being constantly fed by my parents in Miami. (The whole "Eat bubbula. You need strength to worry" concept is nothing compared to my family's constant state of eating) Looks like the daily regimen of 1.5 meals a day, walking, insomnia, square dancing, and sex seems to work.
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