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Another Meme

I have to agree with the general consensus about the dangerous and less-than-ethical practice of selling information about information as private as from the "Crush Meme". It's just wrong. Besides, given the number, which was more than I expected, it's just as fun to logically deduce. I could also take it opportunity to have anyone with a secret crush on me to tell me directly.

Having said that:

Who has a crush on trowa_barton?
The below numbers indicate what sorta crushes trowa_barton's friends have on him, as taken from the results of the original LJ Secret Crush Meme.
Questions? Please read the FAQ.

4 people have a Secret Crush on trowa_barton.
2 people have a Public Crush on trowa_barton.
1 people have an Ex-Crush on trowa_barton.

How many people have a crush on you?

From logic, I can safely assume that the one ex-crush came from one of my exes. I can also assume that one of the two public crushes comes from the person I'm currently dating. If this is not the case, then I have a problem. :) I believe I know the other public crush, though that is not as obvious these days. (Don't get many people telling me that they have a crush on me and vice versa.) As for the 4 secret crushes, it would be interesting if they coincide with the ones I had secret crushes on. Either way, I prefer to play by ear and be a detective through casual conversation than violating someone's privacy for $3.
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