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Got back at 9pm last night. Was expected to arrive earlier, but bester had other plans. After realizing that I would be stuck in NY yesterday morning, resulting in me being real late for work by the time I arrived in Somerville, I took a detour to North Hampton. Walked for a couple of hours. Got carried away at a candy store (as I usually do). Then I was introduced to the Eastside Grill. Feasted on raw oysters, fried oysters, clam chowder, sirloin, cheesecake, and 1999 Cabernet Savignon. Drank 1/2 the bottle. It was so good. I was initially worried about being so late, but I'm glad I got the time off. Relaxed a bit which was rare.

Of course, when I went home, reality sank in. I have bills that still need to be paid. Dealt with a huge chunk of them. Haven't prepared much for my other trip to Miami, where I will see my brother for the first time in over a year. Haven't even gotten ready for Halloween which is my personal Christmas. Want to be Aragorn. If people are already planning this, please let me know. Nothing like a duplicate costume to create an awkward moment. Still need to deal with that, as well as the massive phone bill dispute from hell. Haven't even thought ahead about what to do for Thanksgiving or Christmas or even my birthday.

I've been asked about what to do for my birthday. Can't believe I'm turning 26. My 20s are over halfway over and I feel like I've wasted in on work and sustaining myself money wise. Haven't even fully explored being poly. Spent so much time and energy maintaining what I have. The fact that my high school reunion is less than 2 years away doesn't help.

Open to suggestions, but right now, I'm just glad to be back and snuggling with hammercock.
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