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Apparently work made the decision for me. They were asking about my plans for the weekend. They are always asking about my plans for the weekend. Another Sunday/Monday deadline, another reason to work on the weekend. Had to rush to MIT campus at 6pm (game start) to tell rigel and other GMs the bad news. 50-hour work weeks and 3-days do not mix, which is probably why I haven't played a session of Legends since I started working. Still pissed that I missed the Ig Nobels and Margaret Cho on the MIT campus.
Went to supposedly a brief Shadowdawn session which ran later than I thought. Had to borrow zebediah's laptop to coordinate with the office. Missed out on the glam party. In fact, I didn't even know there was a glam party. I missed out on seeing people in shiny dresses. I was barely able to do some work before realizing that there was chanaleh's birthday party. Brought port. People seemed to like it. Felt claustrophobic the first few minutes. I could write about how hot chanaleh looked in both her dresses, or I could write about how I'm still trying to read signals and body expressions to determine who is going out with who (in the past, present, and future tenses). However, it was at the party that I knew that hammercock was back from her visit to her grandfather's funeral. It's ironic: Thursday, Friday, and early Saturday are usually the days when I don't see her, and yet I was at my worst during those days when she was gone. Didn't realized how obvious it was to other people that I missed her. Still have a lot of catching up to do.
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