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I am writing from Florida. More specifically from hammercock's aunt's house in Ft. Lauderdale. It's quiet right now. I'm calm right now. I admit that the last entry was vage and impulsive. Then again, this was after I was rushing to pack and deal with travel arrangements. I made a promise to support her as she visited her grandfather. This meant that I had to ask my supervisor to take three busy days off. They understood to my surprise. After all, I'm a contractor who is taking unpaid days off to see my girlfriend's relatives. Of course there was the matter of (1)filling in on what needed to be done in my absence (2)actually packing and (3) finding out travel plans. I got the latter only within a few hours before my flight left.

The more I'm here, the more I realized that I've been too stressed about my job and that my coming to FL was necessary. I have no regrets now (except that I miscalculated in terms of clothing needed). The flight to Charlotte was peaceful. Just pick a row and you can sleep there. Continued to read anotherjen's book "21st Century Wicca". It's very good. If I'm ever in need of a new religion or philosophy, this will be on my pool. Joked at the stopover that "liberals are in North Carolina" before rushing to a candy store. Got cordials, fudge, Swedish fish, and gummy strawberries. Hammercock now knows my sugar fix. Then there was Florida.

This is the closest I've been to my old home since April. They don't know I'm here. It's probably better that way. Given the busy schedule with her family, there is no time to visit Miami. Besides, working out a schedule to see my family is difficult these days. Visited her grandfather at the hospital. I now understand. Had a nice dinner with her family. Cheered to see the latest presidential approval ratings (45%, lower than half for the first time) as well as the defeat of the overtime overhaul.

I'll play catch-up when I return. That's tomorrow anyway.

P.S.: My name is apprarantly a beer now. Cute :)
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