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24 (Again)

It has been so long since I have last posted. My days have been very eventful. It's hard to figure out what to write.
I could write about how I was stupid enough to lose my phone in a wooden roller coaster ride at Six Flags.
I could write about how I've been relatively anti-social due to 50+ hours of work.
I could write about how uncertain my relationships with certain people are. (You know who you are)
I could write about how work is going out of control for me.

But my tolerance for angst is probably as low as yours, so I'll be upbeat.

Should start with the trip to Otis which was very fun but short. Went with hammercock, sonata960, and the Shadowdawn group. The more I visit that place, the more people talk rather than play twinkie games or do DVDs (Got Babylon 5, season 3 for nothing). Maybe we are all getting older. That sense of maturity was short-lived as I was hurled at 15-30 mph on a inner tube for two. I survived 4 tubing partners somehow. Nearly went surfing on it. Always fun. After which was a combination of burritos, raspberry sorbet, Mario Party, and "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" on Saturday night. Someone forgot to wake hammercock and myself for the super early trip to Six Flags New England. As a result, with the bloody Sunday traffic, I didn't arrive at the park until barely 2pm. Started with the most excellent water slides. Hammercock and I felt like kids again getting soaked and bobbed. (Even gave her a piggy-back ride on a kiddy pool with tidal waves). Then the rain and semi-dry rides began. Was only able to go on two: an old wooden coaster ride and Superman. The former was where I lost my phone. The latter was just too cool. I have a picture that should be posted...eventually. Nothing like being dropped at 70+ mph to finish the evening. Still rearranging my internal organs :)

Unfortunately, being a Sunday evening, I had to go home and prep for long days at work. Still work in the weekends. This is affecting my other projects. B5 Wars, Shadowdawn, and SFB have been delayed to the point of them being stalled. Still haven't fully settled into my new place, especially since the third and final roommate will be arriving this Monday. Either way, sleep was being sacrificed. But that didn't matter, because last week, I prepared for the ultimate rush...hammercock's birthday party!

Here is where the title takes place:

Monday, August 18 6:30pm: Stopped work. Still needed to do some shopping
7:00pm: Rushed to the Galleria. No success.
11:00pm: Made an online order. Hoped it arrived on time
11:30pm: Began freezing ice cream maker.

Tuesday, August 19 5:00pm: Stopped work. Had to punt Diesel for a company trip at Long Wharf. Missed a truffle making party as a result. It was fun nonetheless. Order being processed.
10:00pm: Too late to get recipe and ingredients for spicy brains.

Wednesday, August 20 4:00pm: Order shipped from California.

Thursday, August 21 9:00pm: Finally got ingredients for spicy brains, vegetable lasagna, tofu scampi, and Minbari flarn.

10:00pm: Started ice cream mix.
10:30pm: Made ice cream mess.
2:00am: Finished ice cream mix. Had to triple the recipe. Ice cream maker wasn't cold enough.

Friday, August 22 6:30 pm: Finally left work. Needed dry ice to cheat.
7:00pm: Walked from Broadway to Washington and Beacon (not pretty)
7:30pm: Got 12 lbs of dry ice
8:30pm: Walked from Washington and Beacon to Porter Square (my place)
8:45pm: Order finally arrived via express mail. Part 1 of present completed.
9:00pm: Ice cream mix went bubbly but turned solid.
11:00pm: All of the ice cream was stable enough to mold (though there was some dry ice left inside)
11:30pm: Went to do some last minute grocery shopping for the next day.

Saturday, August 23 2:00am: Realized that Minbari flarn was not possible
3:00am: Finally went to sleep
11:00am: Woke up. Realized that I had to punt run.
12:00pm: Finally woke up. Realized that I have no phone to coordinate the party meals.
1:15pm: Rushed to LSE
2:00pm: Left for BJs. The goal was to finish all errands by 5:30pm. I was insane.
3:15pm: Finished BJs. Too...many...drinks. On route to Watertown
3:30pm: Arrived at Armenian bakery. Goal: get Hollumi or squeeky cheese. In theory, this would be in the scampi
3:55pm: Arrived at Galleria. Acquired second part of present and wrapping paper.
4:30pm: Went to Washington and Beacon corner to get 25 lbs of dry ice. Big mistake later on.
4:55pm: Went to Star Market at Porter for perishible grocery shopping.
5:25pm: Got my gear from my place.
5:35pm: Arrived back at LSE

5:45pm: Started wrapping
6:15pm?: Started cooking roasted pepper hoer doerves [sic]
6:35pm: Started preparing lasagna
7:15pm: Guests arrived early. Not ready yet to be social
7:30pm: Appetizers ready. Butter/garlic dipping sauce needed work.
7:45pm: Started preparing squeeky cheese (not to be put into scampi because people kept eating it as is)
7:50pm: Lasanga finally ready? Don't remember now. Wasn't as soupy as last year's version
8:00pm: Started pasta dish. Atkins people can kiss my ass at that point. Someone had to eat the carbs.
8:00-9:30pm: All a blurr. Don't remember leaving the kitchen before 9:30.
9:30pm: Started becoming social. About damn time.
10:30pm-11:00pm: Spicy brains were ready. Finally, after 2 fialed attempts, it worked. A little fizzy. Ice cream is not supposed to be carbonated in solid form. Cool.

Booze, women, birthday cake, ice cream, and exploding sodas. Would I do it again...


Mission complete.
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