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My Caught Up Life

I am attempting to write a long entry as I realize that it has been over a week since my last entry. And a lot has happened since then. Should be sleeping, but instead I'm writing. I should begin with my first week of work.
Is it typical to work 50 hours the first week of work? Probably not, but I wanted to make a good impression. However, with the work load they gave me, I pulled in 9-10 hour shifts straight without a lunch break. Then again, with the weather these days, I do not want to go outside period. Good thing I'm paid by the hour. The work is taking my time away from gaming campaigns, Diesel afternoons, and OPN among other things. I had to sacrifice sleep in order to get everything done. I admit that I'm in a quandry as to what would happen if the contract work would become more permanent. There is a good chance that it would become full-time. The only problem is that with the workaholic attitude I adopted in my job, I might burn out within a year. Nearly did that with my previous job, and it wasn't pretty. And yet, there are still bills to be paid and certain art projects to be finished at the time. Getting ready for the 25th proved more difficult than I thought. But more on that later.

Barely had the break to leave in time for Baitcon. Hammercock and I were packed for almost every contingency, except two things: (1) not getting a room to ourselves and (2) having rain throughout the entire weekend. Got a small refrigerator that you can plug into the car. It was cute. Nothing prepared me for my first Baitcon. The LN2. The mixes. The people. The showers. The plunge. I wanted to just experience everything. I wasn't expecting any hook-ups, break-ups, or make-ups, but I wanted to just be there when it happens, whatever "it" may be. The problem I had was that as a Baitcon virgin, I was still an outsider to the community, even though I knew nearly all of the organizers. I was known as hammercock's sweetie and not much else. By the end of the weekend, I was known as the man with the spicy brains. I met some interesting people. A few in the category of "Won't recognize you with your clothes on". Didn't take the plunge, though I indulged in a contraption that allows cold stream water to be pumped and heated into shower water. Met some cool people, including angelovernh, for the first time. Now I'm curious as to how many of them I will see again this Saturday.
To be honest, I thought the universe was against me with regards to my spicy brain debut. (Note: not people conspiring against me, just the universe as a cosmic entity. The universe has a sense of humor) My flavor didn't go through the Baitcon GMs, so they didn't know what I was doing until I got there. The idea was to create two flavors. Chocolate chai would mold into the right hemisphere of a brain mold while the cinnamon chai would merge at the left. The inside of the mold would be coated with a cinammon chocolate shell that I made at the Baitcon kitchen. Once frozen, the ice cream would be encased in the shell and served.
Unfortunately, since I froze the ice cream on Saturday, it didn't have time to really freeze. So, not only did the shell didn't separate from the mold, but the ice cream inside was too soft. It melted within minutes in the rain. The fact that I was given a spoon with a hole to serve it in didn't help. I hope to try again for this Saturday. Maybe it will work this time.
As for the rest of the weekend, I'm glad I was able to spend it with hammercock and her friends, though there were times when I was horny and exhausted. The sounds of screaming kids killed the mood. Outside in the rain, the natural look is apparently in. For the record, cthulhia had nothing to worry about, but who am I to argue with her. Right after Baitcon, hammercock and I took a scenic walk to get a good look at the mountains and waterfalls. It was a lovely sight that reminded me of when I was 4 at my grandfather's plantain farm in Puerto Rico.

Went home from Baitcon with practically little time to spare as I quickly got ready for work. Had a strict timetable to follow because I was also secretly planning for my first anniversary with hammercock. A year of bliss through good times and bad. To have someone giving her heart so openly is almost overwhelming, but I savored every moment I had with her. Unfortunately, both our schedules this week were hectic with her handling the GA and I was handling QA. Left work to go get a quick bite at Marche. Yummy lobster brisque. We barely had time to spare to see the opening night of The Producers in Boston. Wonderful show. Brad Oscar channeled Nathan Lane. And MEL BROOKS was there at the curtin call!!!! The past 48 hours have been a T-shirt fest. At midnight on our anniversary, we kissed and I gave her a portrait that I made of her. Took me days to work at it. Good thing I was an insomniac. And of course there were the Mittens and Snowdrop T-shirts. Now I can really smell her spicy breasts....
The show was great. We went to Finale for some chocolates and champagne. Then we took a walk along Bolyston Street to a late-night sushi place. Lobster, theater, chocolates, champagne, sushi, ______, breakfast in bed at the Colonade Hotel with my sweetie? I now know paradise.

Now, I'm just playing catch up with the rest of my life. The Babylon 5 Wars campaign is heating up. I'm looking forward to swimming on Saturday and seeing anotherjen, cthulhia, and klingonlandlady. Earlier today, after work, I went to Davis on a mission. I recently acquired the 5th Harry Potter book, but I couldn't read it because (1) it was to send to my mother in Miami, and (2) I haven't read the previous 4 books before. After getting a fresh supply of spicy chai from Tealuxe, I went to cthulhia's place to loan her my book. The T took forever and she wasn't at home. Went to Redbone's, thus fulfilling my tradition of going meat crazy every time hammercock is out of town (or in this case doing UUGA work). Before it was Bugaboo. Then it was Midwest Grill. Now it's Redbones. Finally caught up with her to give her my book. Just wished I wasn't sleep deprived. I sounded deadpan and monotonic. Fox Mulder showed more emotion than I did this evening. Went straight home where I now try to prepare for Friday work. Just want one good night sleep for a change. Probably going to collapse at work which is NOT GOOD.
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